Welcome to Petz Island!
Petz Island is a PKC kennel/cattery that specializes in Maine Coons, Siberians, Lakeland Terriers and Akitas. On this site you can find information on all the petz that reside here as well as information about Petz Island's PKC Shows and Show Site Listing. Enjoy the rest of your day at Petz Island.

Babsie of Petz Island

Last Updated ~ June 28, 2009

~ WC Stats ~
BIS ~ 24
BW ~ 27
RW ~ 32
W1 ~ 37
W2 ~ 26
W3 ~ 4


Shows ~ Lots of sites added to the show site listing. All the PKC Shows are open.

Litters ~ Lovely mixie litter from Cub and Phoenix. All the pups are freebies are they are super cute so be sure to take a look at them. Also if you see some parents that you would like to see a litter from just email me and let me know.

Other Updates ~ Brand new layout. Changed some of the navigation around a bit. Got rid of the PKC petz page. The way I have it figured if you are into the PKC then all the information and more is on the site if not then it doesn't really matter. ;)

Currently Home To 418 PKC Champions!

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